What is HisEdge?

HisEdge™ is a new approach to men’s well-being. It’s not about problems you have or what you lack. HisEdge is all about giving you the edge.

HisEdge Epic Stamina is a sexual performance supplement, its triple nitrate formula is a powerful blend of nitric oxide boosting veggies. HisEdge infuses your body with nitrates to allow the formation of nitric oxide, opening the blood vessels to enhance blood flow. Better blood flow can greatly enhance sexual performance.* Learn more about how HisEdge works.



Who needs it?

30 million men in America suffer from erectile dysfunction. If you’re one of them, talk to your doctor… but if you’re lucky enough to be one of the 88 million men who don’t have a problem, then you can benefit from HisEdge. After all, why have good sex when you can have great sex?  If you’re one of the millions of men who just want to get the edge, find out more about HisEdge Epic Stamina.



What’s different about it?

HisEdge is unique. With our vegetable-based Stamina Complex and our focus on enhancing performance – rather than fixing problems – we’ve created a product that takes a whole new approach to giving men an edge in the bedroom. Find out just how HisEdge is different.


Learn about the surprisingly simple, and refreshingly natural approach to enhancing men’s sexual performance.